October 28th, 2013.

Stormy day. Was glad I disassembled the trampoline yesternight. But the kid won’t be happy when he finds out, though… He loves that thing. Still, it’s for the best; it keeps longer, that way. But try telling a 3-year old… Had to pick up K early from her visit with her school friend, as V fretted about the wind. Did indeed have to run across a field where a tree had struck down in the middle of the road, but that was about it. Glad the roof kept on, so never matter the fence blowing over.

Near the end of the final day at work, before transferring to Copenhagen and the new job with Parliament. Got an e-mail from them, specifying the ‘introductionary month’ ahead. Probably for the best, but really not my kind of a thing. Just want to get in there, and learn as I go along. But, again, probably for the best.

Great movie with V in the evening, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. Good to take that kind of time. Don’t know why it’s always me that brings up that possibility, though, we haven’t seen a movie she’s suggested to in years. And she’s the one critizicing me for not spending enough time around each other, talking with each other… I wonder. Soon we’ll need sit down and go over the budget, this before the big fiscal crisis that’ll be 2014 sets in. I do believe I got her linked up to the notion of cutting down and such, but let’s see how far that preparation goes when it’s time to get down and dirty. I have my doubts…

Nice little chat with dad in the evening, the new house stands firm even in this kind of a breeze. I did a small thing for Lars Huge, which got me 750 crowns worth of dsb-tickets to spare, so I’m hoping at the end of the month of November, my first month at the new job, I’ll be able to go and visit them.


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