November 12th, 2013.

A little bit into my second week with the new job, and I’m at a bit of a stand-still in regards to my daily duties. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any, so the daily so-called scrum-meetings are a bit of a bore. Well, I get a bit of business-knowledge from them, which is great, but that besides all I’m really doing is studying and then some, at my own initiative. Haven’t coded a single line in those two weeks; bizarre, considering where I just came from. Here’s to hoping it’s a long-term investment on their part, and that I won’t be kicked out within 3 months out of not producing any results.

Spending the night at the Scandic Hotel in Sydhavnen, at Sis’ expense, dinner too. How generous, and it’s really great to see her again. She’s doing it throughout the week, on account of her Thomas being away on a holiday and it’s closer to her work. How great it must be, to have that kind of financial fortitude. Anyways, great to check in, so to speak, and will make it easier tomorrow as I’m going on a two-day seminar and will need to meet early on the job. Also means I’ll be out of the house, which is even finer by yours truly, as it’s a bit of a tumultous time at the home on the range; V’s mum in on the prowl, being her usual bi-polar self and utterly unpredictable, rendering V anxious about their agreements. Especially about her wednesday’s writers’ class, on which she depends on her mum to take care of Nicolas in my absense. Tough times. Too much shouting and emotions through the air. She doesn’t care, the mummy dearest, about anyone listening in, not the children, even, when she’s in that foul mood. Bitch.

Hotel-sleep awaits.


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