26th December, 2013.

December 26th, 2013.

Time for my xmas holiday, as per tradition. Didn’t make that tradition up, it’s just become a custom that I willingly embrace. So I’m on the train to Jutland to stay with the folks for a spell, until V gets here with the kids and it’s near the end of the year.

Travelling really doesn’t bring out the best in me; I get anxious, I take to squinting at everyone, taking measures against what not. Ready to pounce, eager to assume control if whichever natural diaster should suddenly strike at the heart of my location, whereever that may be. In short, I don’t travel enough. Hopefully the recently introduced commute should bring about a better me, in that regard at least. I can sort of draw a line to when I gave up my hobby of writing screenplays; I stopped taking note of other and of their peculiarities and traits, and relegated them to mere common citizens such as yours truly. Their do their thing, I do mine. Such as is also the case with the institutions, I drop by on my few travels, I try and steer clear of them by owning and operating my own vehicle, but when I do pass upon the occasional infrequently-visited trainstation or shopping mall I recognize them solely by virtue of their designated purpose and generally try and get the hell out at the earliest convenience.

Reading ‘Freakonomics’, which is terrific. Essentially a book about economics as viewed through the study of the 3 incentives: economic, moral and social. Good one

Oh, on Christmas Eve, an okay one as far as those go, still not the years for settling down with a beer and a chat with Stig, but in two year’s time that’ll be different, so looking forward to that – but, again, not a bad evening for sure.

Tomorrow will visit Dennis, look forward to that.

Will try and sell some of my unused shit and get K some filming gear; tripod and a light and green-screen and such. God knows she spends ages looking at YouTube-videoes, wouldn’t hurt her to open her eyes to the fact that one can produce such content oneself.


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