December 30th, 2013.

Managed to recover fully from the worst kind of hangover, from going out on the town with Dennis. Man, it’ll be a year before I do that again; mixing all kind of alcohol known and unknown to me. Believe I held my own, but to devestating headache and spinning of my head for three days – never again.

Picked up the family on Funen. So on account of half of’em having the flu we didn’t get to visit the folks over New Year’s Eve. That’s ok I guess; think it took a bit of a toll on them, actually, having yours truly there for three and half days. Resorted to old James Bond movies. Man, do the suck, those pre 90’s efforts. Poor acting, lousy sets, half-assed scripts… Nothing to see here.

Read ‘Why We Suck’ by Denis Leary. Wake-up calls aboundance. But it was a great read. His views are macho Irish, but they match mine just fine. The loathing of reality shows and tv in general, the raise-your-kids-don’t-make-pretend-they’re-your-friends. The realistic approach to raising kids, he states basically that it’s a full-time job that there’s no getting out of. For a few reasons I needed to hear that, now. Resonates well with my life this year.

Would elaborate, but the kid’s couching and wakes up. Later, then.


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