January 5th, 2014.

So there it goes. 2014. Too old to make a biggie outta it. New Year’s Eve was stupid. Fireworks scared the shit out of the pets and woke the kid up throughout the night. Slept very little indeed. Went on the whole night. Later years will be better. But isn’t that my motto, these years. I’m thinking fireworks were invented to get back at your kids, as they grow older and have kids themselves, for keeping their parents up and devoid of proper sleep throughout their early childhood years.

Can’t think of anything to do with my time. Dumb as it sounds. I can’t bring myself to turn down play-requests from the kid, and in the evenings I can’t make a lot of noise, hence not work all that much. And work on what, exactly? I want to dedicate myself to lasting values; but I haven’t much idea of what they will be. Maintaining the house is one, but that involves noise, lots. I could work on piecing a course together, always wanted to teach – but it’s a time-consuming process, that, and I can’t tell in advance if the time ahead will allow me to complete that project, so why bother even starting it.

Restless, am I. For no good reason. There’s lots of stuff here to be done. I can’t expect to have the time to work flat-out, which is what I want to be doing. Or is it. I’m not sure what I want, to be honest. I want more hours in the day, to do what I do now and then some more, lots and lots more. I don’t want to have to stop just an hour or two into a project; that’s my main gripe, isn’t it. I loved my working-weekends; I went in, guns blazing, and got lots and lots done. I don’t want to find the clock at a quarter to ten when I exit the kid’s room, after having sung him to sleep.

I’ll watch a movie. Or read a book. But that’s not exactly lasting values, either. Depends on the book, I guess. But how to tell if it’s any good…

I should clean out the basement. Again. Will at least last me until the next time.

Jesus Christ.

The new cat and the old dog haven’t killed each other just yet. Will take them a few months to get to speaking terms, I think. But, hey, it’s a good start. Keeps V busy, ‘s for sure, but so it should; despite masqurading it as an xmas present to yours truly, there’s little denying she’s the one gets the most out of it. Animal lover she is.




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