January 17th, 2014

Helped V out with her new online economy course yesternight. Grueling effort; not the helping, the listening to her moaning and bitching. She always softens up in the end, when it begins to work out, but it always take a heck of a long time to get to there and it would be really, truly beneficial if she were a bit more ready to be helped. It’s fun stuff, though, reminds me of the same coures I took when in trade-school but I forgot all about it until now. Perhaps I’ll need to take it on myself, in trying to take over the accountant’s job when it’s time to hand in the bottom line by way of the firm of mine. I dread the prospect, it’s bound to be a poor one and we could end up heavily endebted, in the range of a hundred-hundred and fifty grand. I never thought the reward was anything worth writing home about, given the risk and hellish work-load I undertook. Maybe I shouldn’t’ve given all that money away, then. But it kept us going, didn’t it. Yet still there’s a hole in the roof, still we won’t be able to afford a new roof if it came to that, still we’re turning pennies and will have to borrow the money against the value of the house if K will go to a boarding school of her choice. Doesn’t seem right or fair, but I guess the luxury is that we can’t afford cable but food on the table is as yet no problem.


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