January 23rd, 2014.

Interesting stuff at work. Thinking back to that book ‘outliers- the story of success’ I read, about human incentives, I took that and used with a certain situation that could’ve gone awry. Basically performed a study in reading these people with whom I work, who’ve been there forever and clearly do not like it when outsiders – your struly – enter to interfere with their work. But in reading them right, and catering to that reading, I got a “what you’re saying could be very useful in the near-term future” as opposed to a “we’re not gonna need this at all”. Much more valuable outcome, this, and certainly something which sets me up in terms of long-term future as well. That’s the thing about practical intelligence, isn’t it, to personally extract the most from these situations but still leave’em with enough dignity so as to promote the inter-team relationships. Good stuff.

Listening to a bit of stand-up comedy, by Denis Leary and Craig Ferguson. Fun stuff, too. Read both their books, “American on Purpose” and “Why We Suck” and they were both great.


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