February 14th, 2014.

Listening to ‘Malena’. By Ennio Morricone. And it gets me thinking back to when V and I met, for the very first time, in person as opposed to through correspondance. She swears, I just asks her, she swears I had not until then seen a picture of her, as opposed to she one of me. So I guess I must’ve ventured out on a limb? Didn’t much feel like it, I remember as much, when I first laid eyes on her. I recall being extremely smitten, right there and then. Recall distinctly she was wearing a long-haired overcoat she’d borrowed from her girlfriend, Anja. Thought she had a great smile on that little round head. I think some day I’ll take her back to that bar, where we went after the cinema, and get drunk and talk just like we did that night, and I guess there won’t be a train she’ll need to miss, and there won’t be that tiny little apartment I’d just been able to afford to go home to. And maybe it’s not even there any more, just like they tore the movie theatre down. But she’ll still be the one I get to take home, where ever that may be, and I’ll still wind up a far better, richer man than I would’ve ever become without her…



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