February 21st, 2014.

Nearing the end of February and I’m out amongst friends again. Visited with Kenn this evening, next week will team up with Rasmus. Hoping that meeting the latter will be better than the former: Kenn’s 17 year old was home and they got in a hugely embarrasing argument about nothing at all important. He’s trying way too hard, Kenn, to connect with his younster, who’s having none of it. So I won’t in all probability be seeing him again, Kenn, if it doesn’t involve a movie-theatre and hence neutral ground. Maybe I won’t even be seeing him again much at all, rather let it fizzle out; I’m still the one doing most of the talking, and I must confess to tiring from it.

Gaining traction at work. Making my voice be heard, arguing my cases. Certainly coding better than I ever have. Next week will lay down some more track, as I take to countering their IT strategy. There’s much room for improvement here, and I’m all for it. And outside of the workplace is working on preparing some courses for autumn, that I hope I can lure some junior developers to attend – which involves having to learn even more, and getting better all the time. Good stuff.


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