March 9th, 2014.

Good weekend: drove to Jutland, to visit with mum and dad. Three-quarters of a year since they saw their grand-children, and I didn’t have it in me to postpone it anymore. So off we went, just the kids and I. Hellish ride up, rain was pouring down and made it tricky to drive. But we made it through, and it was a nice time. Nicolas has gotten better at playing by himself, and it was evident that they were glad to see us, which was of course great to see. And mum handed me a five-hundred crown note, for gasoline expenses, made it even better. Was of course glad to see them as well. Was easier than I thought it would be, tending to the kids sans Vibeke, but was glad I did it for it wasn’t too hard. Damn good to see them. Dad has gained some weight, hope the summer brings nice weather and he’ll be about some more.

So, yea, a nice weekend. I wanted to write something here, to the effect of how I – in the privacy of these entries – have been rough on them, at times. I dunno… You get older and wiser, and what bothered you as a young man is lost in the obligations of parenting and such. I sometimes wonder if many writers, penning stories of their unhappy childhoods, are merely able to do so as they’ve refused to grow up or not been met with the kind of responsibilities as have others, responsibilities which have simply not granted us time to write about miserable childhoods, yet found us challenges to out-grow those. Again, I dunno… I still think I’m doing a better job as a parent, but not so sure anymore they did such a crappy job themselves.

I really want to work a year or two abroad. I was looking at old entries about my time in America, for example. I could work and live there for a while, import Vibeke, hang around a favorite bar, go to a baseball game… Hope I’ll get there, some day.


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