March 19th, 2014.

Got back from work and tussled around with Nicolas. Realize I’ve been doing it far too little – always into role-playing instead, trying to work up his imagination and creativity instead. Worked so well with K, but, he’s a boy an it’s a different game. And I read somewhere that it’s good to have them learn how to fight, to carry into adult life. I dunno… I remember play-fighting with the kids at my school, but ’twas all fun and games, nothing else. I hope it’ll be the same for him. Anyways, soon’s the Summer-time and we’ll be out and about more, on the trampoline and roaming the woods. A lot to look forward to.

Things are heating up at work. Trying to jockey myself into position, by carrying out some initiaties in my spare time. Got the boss’ attention. In many ways it’s a different gig than what I signed up for. But I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t mean well, and ’tis an area where I believe I can bring something to the table. They – we, I should say – have very little room in which to manouvre, and it’s in no way future-proof. I must confess to enjoying it a little bit. Moving into management? I don’t see why not. CTO has a nice ring to it. Alright, stop it now.

Really enjoying the Tuesday evenings I’m taking off from the family. Dennis’ great and carefree company and it’s great to take this kind of time off to enjoy myself. She always told me, V, that I should do just that, and it’s been in the air for years but I never got around to actually doing it. Won’t push it with Dennis, so next Tuesday evening might go to the movies, or maybe Thor will have a couch by that time. Good stuff. Gives me more of a surplus in regards to the family, at a time when it’s needed.



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