April 8th, 2014.

It’s great to get on the exercise bike again and work up a sweat. Half an hour does it for now. Great use of my time.

V says she got her period just this other day, absent by half a year. She’s really not doing her body any good at all, is she. Serious dicipline is needed for sure. In a few weeks will arrive the BodyMedia armband I ordered for her, on her request, that should be a help in this quantified-self thing; measuring calories, sleep patterns, so on. Hope she’ll take to it, for her’s sake, not mine.

Working late, then back to Dennis’ place for a beer and a chat. I’m really cherising those Tuesdays, where I take a break from family-business. Should be the weekend’s, but those are just plain hard labor and generally very little fun. So this is a great arrangement. Should’ve done it years and years ago.


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