April 19th, 2014.

Sun came out, and V took the kids to the Lejre ‘Land of Legends’, so I’d time to work and put it to good use in painting the front garden fence, the inner side i.e. that had escaped me thus far. Enough to do, isn’t there. This Easter ‘holiday’ works not so much for one who’s just begun a new job and hasn’t as many holiday-days as the rest of’em. But kept my head down and did the family thing, and got to work whenever I could, and worked out a bit as well. Going for that hitherto elusive six-pack, really want to get back in some kind of basic shape again. I remember the burn well, that you get when you’re breaking those muscles down and look to build them up again. Remember, vividly, even, how dad helped build me a workout bench of sorts in the shop back home, when I was in high school and nothing more than a stick figure. Well that worked out alright, didn’t it, worked my way up and I attribute that with a great personal growth that put me on the map: I was not a happy kid, I longed to be accepted into the crowd and my physique didn’t allow for it, so I took home bodybuilding-books from the library (even this other day got on ebay and sent for that Arnold Schwarzenegger-book I had) and got dad to make me some dumbbells from used cans and a weight-lifting bar from some old pipes, and that did me a world of good. In time graduated to a real gym, to work on my body and social skills alike, and was the instigator of a trend at the time, I believe. Anyways, next year I’ll do one of those long Easter-holidays for sure.

Playing ‘Portal’ and ‘Portal 2’ with K, it’s really fun and great to share the experience. And I can tell she’s really into it, which is cool. For some reason I’m thinking she’ll fit right in there, in the media/games/content-industry, despite her call to become archiologist. Great to spend some time together. I’m kinda hoping the new concept of ‘school-all-day’ that’s the norm beyond the upcoming Summer holiday will mean she won’t have as much homework in the evening, thus allowing us to play some more.


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