April 29th, 2014.

Summer-temperatures all around. Have been much outside, notably with the kid in tow. Or, rather, he me. Was glad I got the trampoline up again, it’s been thoroughly tested throughout these past few weeks. No major accidents as yet, and it’s good for both of our physiques. Speaking of which, have been on this bodybuilding scheme for two-three weeks, and it’s great – does wonders for my well-being. Not that I was worse off, not a bit, but I craved sugar and felt very tired around 16-17. But I have more energy now. Will keep it up, and try to visit the workout-room at work, apparently there’s a fully fitted gym somewhere, how about that.

Didn’t do my usual night out today, as the kid got sick with fever and I hadn’t the conscience to leave V alone with him; and by her account ’twas good I didn’t. Maybe Thursday I’ll get on with it, then. Should load up on energy towards the weekend, where we’ll be at Funen, at yet another confirmation. God, I wish we didn’t have to go. But it’ll be alright I guess, I’ll be on to Nicolas and he’ll provide a decent workout, in his own fashion. And where’s the harm in that.


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