May 26th, 2014.

March 26th, 2014.

Met up with some old colleagues from UNI-C, now scattered thru various government institutions. Is one set for life, when one joins the public sector? Maybe. Works for me so far. Thinking it’s the last time I’ll arrange those events, it’s almost exclusively out of a sense of duty now and if I hadn’t run into Hanne in the street, I wouldn’t’ve. She looks terrible, by the way, poor girl, her new-born isn’t allowing her much sleep. Hope that betters soon.

Toying with the idea of replacing my job. Basically looking for a more technologically advanced environment, I won’t be able to learn much from these guys. There are plenty of challenges, but they are in legacy code, mostly – it’ll be hard to establish a decent base, not with these cowboy-coders around. So it’s job security alright, but there’s gotta be more than this, right… I know, I know, that old adage of ‘be careful what you wish for’.

Decent weekend, though I didn’t get much exercise in. Got tired by shovelling gravel in N’s kindergarten, at their annual work-day. ‘Work-day’, horrible concept. I don’t recall my parents ever tending to one such, and being the world’s second-heaviest taxed population I fail to see why I should. But it’s for the kids, so can’t well refuse, can I. Did take my leave early, to watch a great F1 race through the streets of Monaco. That’s running on the 4th year I’ve been able to watch this otherwise pay-per-view sports via a wholly illegal video-sharing site; so glad I found that, really keeps me hooked. Sent V to the movies, exercise in allowing her space. And a bit of putting something in the bank for later, and anyways Nicolas is about that age where he’s not too much of a handful anymore so it’s great to be able to allow ourselves the space.

Summer is here, and I’m thinking I won’t go abroad for a few days after all, as I had in mind to do in September with my 40th birthday. Won’t find the money for it. The budget holds, or just about – but there isn’t much room for laughs and giggles. So will savor that for another time.


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