July 3rd, 2014.

Ran five kilometers yesterday evening. Clocked in at twenty-four minutes. Not too shabby, methinks. Will by-and-by need to wrap my knees in something, but for not the steady pace will suffice. Oh, and felt great, too. Am really hitting my exercise-marks this time. I guess it’s a result of the kids getting older, that leaves me with a greater personal surplus for these kind of events. Yea, I’ll buy that.

Trucks with screaming graduates driving through our streets again. They certainly know to make themselves heard. I can appreciate that; I’ve been there myself. Young and restless. I came to recall, just this other day, a double-birthday, this just prior to school’s out. It was a big house, and small groups scattered in the rooms and you’d move from room to room and there’d be a different mood or discussion in each, but at any rate the air was alive with dreams and potential and that certain light-headed sensation you get when you know you’re in the clear, exams all but our and no need to rush things anyway because we knew how to make use of the hours well into the night. And came the break of dawn, with people scattering and moving on and the last tired plays of that old joke ‘you’re in the army now’ for those unlucky few having been drafted and whatever else for those who hadn’t, with understanding parents coming to pick their daughters up and those dare-devils like Rasmus who took a chance behind the wheel, we spread out into the early morning that so resembled dusk as to make us feel like masters of time, our time, that we could bend to signify any opportune moment we wanted.

I didn’t turn out like that. I never does, for us or for any of the hollering youngsters up on those pick-up trucks. The dreams don’t come as easily anymore, and the potential seems harder to fulfill than what seemed intended. Lots and lots of hard work and sacrifice. But the result of which is worth it all, that’s for certain. I guess the litmus-test(?) is ‘would you do it again’. I’d love to be young again, but only to eliminate the worst fuck-ups. Other than that, I’m good where I am. So though it didn’t ‘turn out like that’, I’d rather not do it over again. Best of luck to them all.



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