July 13th, 2014.

Holidaying in Bork, if never I knew where that was, in Suthern Jutland. Got the dog here, the hamsters, no parents-in-law which makes it more relaxed than previous years. So it’s good. Rained all day, though, so not much to do. Took the kids to a local play-land, to get them going. Will probably do that again. We’ll be here until Friday, then it’s back for a week in Soroe until I’ll have to be bcak at work. It’s a shedload better than last year; the young one still demands his time with his old man, but it’s more fun than sitting in a sand-box and shifting sand to and fro. So we’ll do Legoland one of these days, and brought the swim-wear as well, and Wednesday is for visiting with mum and dad, look forward to that. And the foot’s better, in a week or so I’ll be out running again. Bought new jogging-shoes at the local Sportsmaster-sale; look forward to trying them out. It’s not my ‘thing’, this holiday-cabin-at-the-sea-concept, and probably won’t be until the kids are old enough to mind their own matters. But it’s doable, at least for now.


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