July 24th, 2014.

More than halfway through the holiday, which lasts two weeks. It’s been a really great one so far. Had a fine week in a summer-house in Bork, on the West Coast. Lots of activities for the kids, and a great work-out for me  – hitting the local playland and such. And we drove up to spend a night with mum and dad, which was really cool, too. Had missed them. Really should start to be seeing them more. It’s probably just the kids getting older, ‘s making the holidaying easier. This certainly was a hundred times better than last year. But also the part about it just being the 4 of us, and not including the inlaws: makes it easier to just relax and not spend ages unpacking and arguing about where to go and what to do. So, yea, a good one. Now I’m solo in the house, as V took the kids to Germany for a visit with Joy, K’s old friend. So am getting lots and lots done: cut the hedge, cleaned up the garden, putting a finishing touch to K’s room, now the first layer of paint is on you can’t tell the door’s been moved.

Took time to write a couple of forum-entries in support of the palestinians, who suffer needlessly under the crushing Israeli invation of Gaza. It really is a horrific scene.

It’s an unstable World, isn’t it. There are countries that wishes to tempt and probe and try to unsettle, in order to test their powers. Russia scares me the most, but only at this instance – tomorrow it may be some different country. We shouldn’t be tried like this. Why are our global outlook so different? The unpredictability, the instability. It scares me, it really does. There’s so much to be lost.



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