August 2nd, 2014.

Took K to the Copenhagen Zoo today, right from the day’s get-go. Had breakfast in Valby, upon our arrival, and then got on with it. Walked and walked, great for exercise. Was spurred on by V, who’d told me how she, K, had wanted to spend a bit more time with her dad. So there you go. The Zoo turned out as a great place to be, even on a hotter than hell day. Hope it’ll make a good memory, I thought as much. Later, when we were done, we departed the city via Søndermarken. Showed her the ‘Cisternene’, the old city reservoir, which once held a grand collection of glass art – alas the exhibition had been closed, but the atmosphere remained. Spooky place. Back at 16 and slept for an hour… Getting older, anyone?

Apparently V had an adventerous day, taking N to the Circusland near Slagelse. Good fun, until he started to bleed from the left ear that’s been smelling horribly, and from where we speculate he’ll have inserted something, the little schmuck. Thankfully he’s not in pain, but for sure it’s not a great situation so V reacted fast and got him an appointment with an emergency ear specialist tomorrow, Sunday, in Køge. So that’ll be a bit of fun until next week kicks off.


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