August 15th, 2014.

Wrote an application for a job with the Danish Police – they’re building a new IT developer department, and I wanna be part of it – seems to suit my ambitions, loud and clear. Perhaps they’re not into getting more than they’re bargaining for, in which case they won’t enjoy the tone of voice I applied – but if so, then it’s not the right path for me, is it. I guess I’m not happy about the way things are run, or I wouldn’t’ve sought elsewhere. In many ways I’m going, or thinking about going, on account of what a great succes story it’s been, this Parliament thing. I got from having always developed solo, not working with anyone, to having read a lot of books and applied myself further and further – to getting this job, to being asked to design a big system, this right off the bat and without a shred of the domain-knowledge of the others, and I nailed it like a home-run, didn’t I, and now I’m hungry for more. It’s a good feeling, admittingly, to be able to pull off something like this and walk away unscratched. I really did nail it. Just goes to show – apply yourself, and just don’t stop. It’s the bane of this business, as it leaves little time for whatever else. But it also, for those who practice it, security in the know that there’ll always be a job for you. Let’s see if this Police-thing might be my next one.


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