August 16th, 2014.

Took Nicolas to the Post- and Telegraph-museum in Copenhagen – that’s a ‘free ride’ on account of my monthly commuter’s card, I can bring up to two kids with me. So that makes it cheaper, and it’s good he learns about public transportation – we did trains and buses of multiple kinds today. The museum was great fun – featured a top-level play-land, not very big but with all the right elements – a bit for exercise, a bit for creativity – good fun. Having cleared that, we ventured into the permanent exhibition, of old telephones, post office bicycles, the history of the telegraph. Didn’t go down as well as the play-land scene, but that was to be expected. Next time around I’ll take K there, and she’ll know to appreciate the museum-part some more. Was done around 14, back in Soroe near 16. A good trip, in reality my first time out with him. Apart from a bit of restlessness in the train, that I won’t hold against him, it was good. It’s important to do this; to get they aware of their country and their surroundings. The urban setting, rubbing shoulders (or hips, in his case) with a million other people, is important to get to know, and not fear. I never got that as a child – took me a long time to get used to it. A fine little trip; I hope I’ll always be able to take one of them out like this, and show them around. Like I said, very important. 


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