September 1st, 2014.

September, thank God. August was expensive enough, have agreed with V that we’ll try and rid the cupboards of food, really trying to get to the bottom of it before buying new. Should be a good cost-savings exercise. Ain’t life expensive.

Things are progressing seemingly alright with N’s new Kindergarten. So it’s a done and dusted move, and now we’ll settle in for the tremors i.e. the reactions that are sure to come, all else would be bizarre. Pulling him from his ‘old’ Kindergarten was the only sensible thing to do, such was his fear of going there. Just goes to show; experiences derived at an early age sticks, and he never got over that assault – some troubled kid names Mathias, who on his near first day there pushed him into a fence, leaving a huge bump and a bruised soul. He’ll recover, I’m sure, but had we kept him there, he wouldn’t have. Already we can tell his stammer is improving. I hope in time we’ll be able to credit ourselves, right now it’s a bit of an unknown and we have only our intuition to guide us. But it feels right, and the intention is right, and so if it fails at least we’ll fail with a clear conscience – but I pray to God it’ll work.

Must confess to a bit of stomach anxiety in regards to that position with the Police, that I applied for. One always wants to do well, in measuring oneself against the rest. And a bit of nervousness is healthy, for these kind of endeavors. If it doesn’t happen, then that’s it and I’ll keep on looking. But I do find myself a bit ‘mentally detached’ from work, and sure hope something will come of it. It’s not that I’m unhappy, and certainly the boss seems to appreciate my work, but it’s a bit tedious business – am working with one or two dinosaurs who haven’t picked up a programming book in decades it seems, and they’re tight with management so whatever attempts I can muster to correct their fuckups are bound to be hardpressed and time-consuming to implement. So, yea, hoping for good luck in regards to the Police-job.


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