September 8th, 2014.

So this is 40. The big 4-0. Feeling slightly off balance. Could be because I got not enough sleep throughout the weekend? Slept near 8 hours yesternight, should’ve sufficed for today, but no. There’s a bit of anxiety looming: it’s the same kind of feeling of those years ago. Maybe it’s the same. Who knows. Whadda I have to be afraid of, now? The kids are older, the experience greater. Still it seems there’s so much to loose, and not enough time. Is that getting older thing getting to me? I’m maybe working myself too hard. Am working fifty hours a week, what with work and overtime and hitting the books. And that’s perhaps too much. Maybe a bit of a holiday will sort me out. I know V’s got something planned: got back from work and discovered a cruise to Oslo in the start of October amongst my presents. So that’s pretty cool. Man, I dunno… I literally don’t know what going on with my head. I know that work is pretty drab and I’m looking forward to the next, and that I’m done with this Summer and want it to be Winther, and right soon, too. And I know that I’m taking my time to waste time, looking out of the window of the morning commute and wasting time, like they’re saying one’s supposed to do to if to retain inspiration, and focus. Maybe I’m just thinking too much. The in-laws and V’s grandmother came from Funen to visit, grand.

An enourmous amount of birthday-wishes in the Facebook inbox, this 40 milestone really seems to trigger something in others. So that’s great, and Dennis called as well to arrange an evening of beer and the Rocky-series. I have no doubt we’ll be naming them unjust classics by the end of that session. So, yea, lots to look forward to. Tomorrow Wednesday will go and attend a celebration at N’s new Kindergarten, get a look at the place and support his stay there – it’s been going really well so far, which is of course awesome.


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