September 22nd, 2014.

Went for a job-interview with the Danish Police. Quite a large organization, though the IT-department is apparently one they’re building from scratch, having relied – or the opposite, since they’re now changing guards – on outside contractors. Seems like a very promising prospect, and I for one thought the interview went very well. But it’s having to beat 43 other guys and girls, so it’s another of those multi-stage-rockets. So be it – I’m at ease with my current job-situation, so there’s very little pressure. Will look forward to seeing how it pans out. Had to phone in sick in order to meet the interview, leaves a not-so-good taste in my mouth but as it’s potentially something that’ll see my career through – who knows – it’s worth the blemish on my conscience. It’s not like I do it every day, after all.

Another thing I’m looking much forward to is cashing in on my birthday-present, i.e. the boat-trip to Oslo, on the 3./ of next month. I really hope it’ll come together and V’s mum won’t be too messed up… Always a chance of that. I usually don’t look forward to these things out of fear of them not amounting to anything, but for some reason now’s the time to anticipate a weekend of just V and I, cruising. It’s been a while – more than a year I even think – since my last weekend off, and I don’t think they’ll be coming a-plenty beyond this point in time. But I guess you never know.


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