September 24th, 2014.

Working overtime on this project at work. It’s a bit depressing, in as much as it’s not a very interesting assignment and I’m not learning much new. I guess they can’t be all exciting, can they. Will need to work courtesy of a supplier company in Holte for two days every week, which is a bit of a downer also – it’s a long way by train. But it’s what’s needed, so that’s what I’ll do. The interview with the Police went well; they called me back in, but on a troublesome day – so I had to offer my apologies and alternatives. I hope they find me some time. If not, it was never meant to be.

Should really get more sleep – went to bed at half past eleven, probably didn’t sleep until 1, got up at 6… That’s not healthy. But it’s just not much of an evening that’s left when the whole putting-the-kids-to-bed is over. And so I’m loathe to go to bed, as I’m looking for me-time. He’ll be easier to put to bed in a year or so, probably.

Other than that, things are going well. I get back from work at 18, usually, having worked an extra hour to get some extra money in the bank. Then I’m playing with the kid before dinner, a little bit after that, and then it’s time for aforementioned go-to-bed-circus. That’ll stay the same for some years to come. Weekends’re where I’ll find more time, in the long-term future. Not that I’m looking. Or, well, alright, maybe a little bit.


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