September 25th, 2014.

Plagued by thoughts of changing jobs. Unsure of which direction to take. Then last evening sat down for a Celebratory dinner, along with consultantcy-Anders, whom I worked with on the ODA project, when I first got to the Parliament. And he’s been there for 6 years, with his company – private – and seems to love it, and I’m starting to think the private sector isn’t such a bad deal after all. I was concerned with having to work too much – but then I got to thinking, ‘I already work too much’. I’ve worked too much for the last 10 years. So there wouldn’t be any difference at all. Plus the private sector has a different ring to it; I’d learn more, undoubtedly. I dunno… I know it’s hard to get by, with the means we have now. Conflicts will arise, and it’s not great thinking about it. Maybe I’m just not looking at it the right way.


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