October 7th, 2014.

Back from the weekend with V, on the ferry-crossing from Copenhagen to Oslo. Has been, what, 8 years since we did that? An accumulated birthday-present from herself and the inlaws, who – Dorthe of course specifically – tended to the kids while we were gone. ‘Twas good: it’s cool to have one’s own cabin to retire to, and the buffet is tremendous – really stuffed ourselves and went back for more. And the alotted time in Oslo provided us with the opportunity to walk and talk, and the weather was not too bad. Had a Latte at the Louise Bar & Cafe on the ‘Stranden’ waterfront, an establishment clad in a maritime theme – would love to go back there, some day. Did a bit of window-shopping; guilty pleasure, our finances aren’t near to allowing us to go all-in, and Oslo seems an expensive place just the same. So went back to the ferry early enough, and watched some more movies I’d brought on my laptop. Included the first two episodes of ‘Knight Rider’, the original 1982 tv-series – nostalgic gold, ridiculously camp and quite hilarious, but gold just the same. A good trip, all in all: it’s good to note we can keep a conversation going despite knowing ourselves so well as we do. I hope we’ll always find stuff to talk about, and not just about the kids and trivial daytime matters. Didn’t sleep enough throughout, though: typical me, won’t fall asleep in foreign places. So find myself lacking a bit, hoping to catch up soon. Work is fair, for the moment at least, but am still working on getting the joy back in it. Am on one of these projects that I’m doing solo, plus the output isn’t available for anyone to see in some user interface, so there’s no ‘stage play’ in it – wherefore it seems somewhat unrewarding, and less motivating to do. The nature of these things, methinks. No news on the job-seeking front, well apart from doing the second interview on that Police-job.


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