October 10th, 2014.

Met with the guy in charge of recruiting for Ciber A/S, an IT-consultancy company in Brøndby. Apart from the ridiculous amount of public transportation commute time it was entirely worth my while, and near fully convinced me of going for it. Me, working in the private sector? Stupid notion; I’d be working on government projects just the same. Still need to lay down the basics, hopefully within not too long. Really want to make it happen, and make it work; I’m convinced it’s the right thing to do. And he made a compelling case, too. The idea of being a mercenary, an IT-professional for hire, I like that (was just about to write ‘coder’ instead – but apparently my brain doesn’t like that association anymore). It doesn’t (at least that’s the hope) carry the amount of baggage around, nor politics, that goes with working years on end for a singular company. But let me not get ahead of myself; we haven’t talked basic terms yet. There’s a provisional salary, it’s not a fixed pay-check every month. But, for now, it seems promising & might be just the ticket. He was same age as I, incidentally. I guess he’d made better use of his time.


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