October 18th, 2014.

Experienced an emotional moment today: had forgotten about having to make a backup of a database at work, and a user who was dependent on that called and enquired about it. He was pretty cool about it, but I had to immediately set to sorting it out, and as V had just left to walk the dog I had Nicolas on my tail, and he would not relent in his stressing me out, with his ‘can you play now, daddy?’. And it struck me like lightning, like it was just a few years ago and I was running my company and suffered horribly becaues of too tight deadlines, and I remembered these kind of phonecalls and the horror that followed, where I had to choose between my family or my work – and it felt like I was being ripped in half. That, for me, is true stress. I envy V that: She’ll never have these kind of demands put on her on a professional level – how great it must be, to not have to deal with these kind of situations, they are good for nothing.

On my way back from a meeting crept into the Copenhagen Central Library, in Krystalgade. Ages since I last went there, now it’s all redone and there’s a café in the corner, all check-outs you do yourself, and I saw MAC-carrying students everywhere. Didn’t have the time to linger, though I really wanted to. Some other time. I remember the place fondly. All my trips combined, I must’ve spend half a year in there.


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