November 3rd, 2014.

November 3rd, 2014.

Been a busy week, this. But first the positives: I got a pay-raise of near six thousand crowns. That’s including pension, so leaves 4.8 before taxes. So I’m likely to receive two thousand crowns into my account by the time the government has taken its share. I’m of course happy about the pay-raise in particular, and in general I’m glad I didn’t put up with being under-paid. In all fairness to my employer, I settled on too low a pay to begin with, and it couldn’t’ve been easy – I’ve been an employer myself – to sort out an ultimatum like the one I presented them with: pay up or I’ll quit. But they made the right call; I’m dedicated to the task, and despite thoughts of leaving ship I’m a loyal employee. I think it’s only really possible to go through with these kind of schemes if you’re absolutely settled on quitting if it’s doesn’t happen; as I was, determined to make it work, and having arranged my mindset to that fact, in the private sector. I might still take that route, but for now I’ll stick it out for at least two more years; I feel I owe that, though I probably don’t. Anyways, it comes at an appropriate time for me, as I’m doing a lot of overtime work and need a sentiment to continue doing so – other than ‘I hope this project ends soon’, i.e. ‘A lot of overtime’ in this day and age means below 60 hours per week, so nothing like the time I put in when I operated my own company. But, still, I can feel I’m getting older, I can’t concentrate the way I want to when the hours are getting late. Although I probably never could, ’twas just that work with my own company meant putting paper into a scanner, nothing much more mind-boggling than that. So it’s good to get rewarded – albeit an unrelated reward – for that.

So all’s good on the job-front, gives me some peace of mind. Need to start working out again – have skipped it entirely. And could take the kids out to stuff, like this Sunday yesterday when we all went to the Zoology Museum in Copenhagen, to see the new dino-skeleton there. Impressive stuff, but N was not up for the task, he’s too young for it and just wanted to sprint through the collections. Maybe some other time, then. But really I should be getting them out some more, perhaps especially K, to settle them into some good routines of getting out amongst other people. Funny thing is, even though I work overtime so much it’s not really been a burden on family-life: I’m still home the same time, only the Saturday is where they’ll only have V. And even though I work in the evening, I’m still connecting with V on phone in the mornings, we actually talk more on the phone than at home. Of course it’s not sustainable, but it works out well for now.

Have been trying to sell some of my stuff, that I no longer use and likely won’t: Got rid of the second 3d-printer I had, now comes the time to part with the CNC router. Had such ideas I wanted to try, but reality caught up with me. In ways I’m glad that they did; it’s taught me to be more prudent in my investments, i.e. really think hard about if I needed stuff before investing. I hope others might benefit from the things, I’ve tended to treat them well. Of course it’s a shame I never got around to using them, but I’d like to think that I found better use of that time – or, at any rate, better priorities to serve.

Downloaded and installed a game K had been anxious to try out, and that I insisted she try out before buying it, as it’s an expensive game. So that’s your not so much law-abiding citizen speaking, here. I don’t want to try and justify it, only note that I’m semi-glad she’s got more of a consciousness than her old man. It’ll be costly for her to try new stuff, though, as she grows up, and in some fucked up way I’m hoping that she’ll keep the notion of the ‘pirated version’ in her mind. Because, fact remains I’ve used some tools of my trade without paying for them, as I simply hadn’t the means hereto but needed access to them to get where I am today. And if her future’s got anything to do with computers and the software that runs on them, she’ll likely at one point need to get down from her high horse. Sad, but true – but her consciences is also a moot point for me, who perhaps have performed the act of pirating to much, where really not needed. Did I really need to download and watch those brand-sparkling-latest Hollywood block-busters? Well with Netflix as a viable and legal alternative, I probably won’t – and haven’t for ages – do that. It’s not fun being poor, but it’s no excuse for illegalities – I’ll keep that for when I’m desperate, which is probably what I want to try and teach her as well. A certain disregard for the law can actually be a healthy thing; you have to look at breaking the rules sometimes, because others do it probably more than you and you want to stay in the game, preferably on top of it, and those laws and the ones that make them are not infallable. In short, and your own life, and the risk is sometimes worth taking.


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