November 14th, 2014.

Put a picture of the Manhatten skyline on my laptop. It’s a gorgeus view, for sure. Having just seen my overtime work paid into my account, I’d actually be able to afford going there. But what would be the fun in that, sans my wife?

Visited Dennis, to sleep on his couch because of all the work I needed to do. Have done that many times now, always a pleasure. He loves being alone, he claims, and I believe him. He’ll visit Manhatten and party his heart out, but the experience won’t linger because he won’t have any to remind him of’t. And the next trip will see the experience forgotten altogether.

Working overtime like a motherfucker. 80+ hours since the start of October. That’s ridiculous, but there’s a part of me that likes to have that in the bank, so to speak. Though I wouldn’t mind withdrawing 37 of’em, towards a week-long holiday. Hope it ends soon, this project – I’m getting where I don’t know how to spend my evenings other than working.

Kenn invited me to try boulder-climbing; I didn’t take at first, I was feeling sick as a dog, but he talked me into it anyway. It was good fun, actually, I was glad I went. I think I’ll take K to try it out, too. In a few years she’ll love the atmosphere of the place: a select group of youngsters, lazying around on couches before getting up and moving seemingly effortlessly around on the walls and overhangs, low-key disco tracks playing endless loops across the hall, moving to the top and letting themselves drop onto the matresses below. Then getting back to their coffees in the couches, discussing yoga or girls the boys and boys the girls, blending in among each other like only those who share a common passion and common age can. I envied them – though only for a while. Then I realized I’m so old I was studying the girl’s climbing techniques, and not their bottoms. Imagine that.

Tomorrow, the weekend. I’d like to sleep in, if I can. Probably not. Will try and do something with the kid, maybe even both of them, before K has to go to Germany for a week, on a school exchange. Sunday is reserved for work, though. Such as it is.


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