November 20th, 2014.

I’m glad that V’s got all those pets around. Keeps her sane when I’m away, at least that’s what I’d like to think. And I’m much away, these days, working like a maniac to keep a project afloat. A one-man gig, I’m afraid, so it’s hard to keep up the momentum. So, yea, those damn animals are good for something. I can feel said project come to a closure, so I’m taking the time to spend more time with her: have taken to a tv-show, ‘Arrow’, in the evenings, and just today worked from home so as to make my presence more felt. Works okay, but without the critters I’d be in trouble. Nicolas probably doesn’t notice I’m away much – I’m there for him 4 evenings a week as I always were, and for the first half of the up-coming weekend I’ll have him all to myself, as V goes to Funen to spend some time with her family, and to whence K comes back from her student-exchange trip to Germany.

So, even though I’ve worked a hundred hours and more in overtime for the last month and a half, the relationship stays intact. That’s good – confirms the strength of it.


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