December 19th, 2014.

Closing down for the year, at work. A good one, believe I delievered. I’ll consider this the first ‘proper’ year I was in the employment of the Danish parliament, but hopefully not the last. Got the pay-raise I was after, and it’ll make the next year very much more worth-while. And I managed to get them to focus on a new IT-strategy, which was – is – very much needed if they – we – are to survive in a changing IT-landscape.

And I navigated the politics of the place well. Gained the trust of key individuals, stayed clear of any major fuck-ups, and positioned myself where I wanted to be. Down to three things, that I hope I’ll be able to teach my kids: make a physical move towards the people and projects you’d like to be associated with, because you ‘stick’ more than you know. Second, put in the hours (but not for free!) – I added more than 200 over-time hours into my account, i.e. I was more visible. And thirdly, drop strategic hints to make your bosses have to think less – as in my case, notes and summarizations in bite-sized e-mails – and leave more responsibility for yourself.

It’s something I haven’t had to look into before, but have done and will again. Which in some ways is a sad thing, but it is what it is and I’m guessing something like this is part of every organization, government or private. I’m just glad to have ‘settled in’, and have no doubts nor fears that next year will help yours truly establish himself further still.

Not too long until Christmas Eve, then my traditional Christmas holiday that I’ll spend with the folks, and somewhere in between that will team up with Dennis and Mads, too.

It’s not a bad life, this, and the year has been good to me. And I hope the next will, too. V seems set for some further challenges in her endeavors to broaden youngster’s creative writing minds, and although she frets a little I believe it’s good for her, to have something to do. And the kids are alright – Nico especially thrives after we changed his Kindergarten, so great to see his confidence rise. All good things to come, I hope.


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