January 13th, 2015.

It’s good to be back at work; have missed the mental challenges, that I don’t get from elsewhere. Family-life just doesn’t cut it for me, in that regard – there’s little in the way of staying cerebrally fit.

Gearing up for the many months of house-rework ahead. Plotted a big hole in the livingroom, where we will, in due time, descend into the basement. Just the beginning of a ardous year, I suspect. But will probably be worth it. Thank God I didn’t buy a two million crowns house. Thinking hard about tackling the mortgage in a different way, to leave more room for us throughout the next ten years. We’ll probably need that, and, besides, what’s great about V is that she’s capable of living on a dime a day, which is probably what we’ll need to do, someway. Trailer-park here we come!

Bit of difficulty in regards to K, who suffers in school – it’s a barrage of noise and mishaving kids, of girlfriend issues and temps doing what regular teachers should be doing. In other words, horrible. I can imagine what it’s like – I myself went through it, but that was when the teachers weren’t afraid of yelling and cared to make a stance. Now they’re overworked, under-appreciated, they haven’t the tools to tackle these kids without any sense of what is and what isn’t acceptable behaviour. So, yea, tough times. Nothing to do but see how it fares. She’s the first to stick by that school, because of her social circle, but if ever – as sometimes seems the way it’ll go – that social circle should dissolve, she’ll hopefully be the first to cut the ties and allow us to move her into a private school, if there’s room. A dumb situation, everyone loses out because these kids can’t behave.

Scored cheap train tickets at the end of February, to go and see the folks, just myself and I. Two hundred crowns for a return ticket, that’s a bargain – albeit I’ll need travel at ridiculous hours of the day. So be it – it’s the cheapest I’ve come across, and I’m used to not sleeping well at nights, so might as well sacrifice one or two. Why I don’t sleep well, always? The ole’ angst is sometimes with me, I think it’s because of the insecurity that is the house-reworking, probably. It’s nothing like it once was, so no problem at all. Just some sleepless nights, is all.


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