January 21st, 2015.

Was invited, and participated in, a board-games event with Dan from work, plus some of his friends. Was good fun, even though I was not really equipped to play the game of ‘Dominion’ they opted for. But nice fellows, and it’s always good to get out and about, and have some that would like you enough as to let you in on their action.

That was Monday, leading up to the Tuesday where I’d taken the day off to work on the house. Oh yes, the redecoration plans are a ‘go’ and work progresses. Cut open the livingroom floor so as to reveal a rectangular slab of concrete I’ll soon enough be trying to drill into, in my attempts to establish a new basement staircase. So that I might do away with the old one, so that I might build a bigger bathroom, and a bigger kitchen, and so on and so forth. Well, as first steps go, this wasn’t a bad one at all. And ’twas good to get a ‘home day’ with V, who helped out taking the trampoline down – as it had begun to snow, and it surely was about time we got it down. Has held on for many years, that thing, primarily because I’ve toiled in taking it down every winter and put it up every spring. Must be 6 or 7 years old, now. Have patched it up many a times, too.

Set in motion the refinancement of my mortage. From an adjustable rate 30 years mortage to a fixed rate same. At 2,5% it can hardly go very wrong, and the lure of a ten years’ period of only having to pay interests (danish: ‘afdragsfrihed’) was too hard to resist. These are surely the years where we need the liquidity. In ten years’ time our World will be in a different shape. I wonder what tha might be – as I wonder how my parents ever got through those years without those opportunities we have today, with much highter interest rates. I’m guessing much cheaper food and gas and lots of hard money-control by mum.


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