January 28th, 2015.

So it seems I’m approved for a refinancement of my current loan, into a new 30-year loan with 10 years of not having to pay mortages. It’s the right call to make; the interests have never been lower, and might never be again. And it’s now that the money’s needed. In ten years’ time kids won’t be as expensive, and transportation will be different. But then again there may be other things…. But other opportunities, too.

All’s good. Family, work. Have begun work on the house, soon I’ll be granted a few days sans kids and be able to commence the kind of work which maketh a lot of noise… I’m really glad that Dad came over and taught me how to do that kind of work. It’s been valuable life lessons, and now I’m able to use that and turn the insides of this old house into something really great. I look
forward to it, too.


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