February 7th, 2015.

Was walking the dog and singing some Billy Joel to myself. I believe I touched upon this in another entry, years ago, but will repeat it here; that if I hadn’t invested in his Greatest Hits album – and I don’t specifically recall what made me – I probably wouldn’t have survived my entry into Copenhagen. Man, that was character-building stuff, wasn’t it. I don’t remember how I got by, but I might have the journal entries to help me. But I do remember lying in my bed and listening to that music, and really putting it into context and trying to relate. Of course it should’ve been an eye-opener. Came at just the right time and place, and when people talk about how music and art matters I can surely relate.

Have the house to myself, now that V’s gone away to her weekend seminar in Northern Sealand and the kids are in the care of their grandparents (for the first time in ages). So will rip up the floor and make a hole where’s meant to be a new stair-case to the basement. Hard work and fun times ahead – only hope there’s not a bunch of wires in there…


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