February 17th, 2015.

Nicolas’ 5th Birthday, and what a good one he had. I’d taken the day off to dedicate it to him, and I’m sure that was one of the positives he took away. Played with his new toys, mainly Legos and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, once more up for merchandising on account of the new movie that’s come out. And of course V’d gone all out on the breakfast table and what not, and later in the day visitors from Funen arrived with even more presents, and cake with 5 candles was brought out. And as the guests left we headed for McDonalds in Slagelse, where he was treated to even more birthday festivity – singing, baloons, books for presents, flags and the odd hamburger – a great trip.

So, yea, another birthday bites the dust. Glad to see it end, was pretty tired near the end. But it’s like it’s always been, and the kids have always been happy as heck throughout, and hopefully will remember back on’em with fond though distant memories. So’s all worth it.

V’s working this week thru the next, teaching her creative writing classes to 7th graders in schools around the precinct. That’s swell – she got off to a great start, and I can tell it does great for her self-esteem, too. But it’s certainly a rugged couple’a weeks, me having to get the two kids up and ready for school and Kindergarten.But heck, it’s good for the family. And good, too, for K to see that her mum actually does have something to do for and with her time.

Tomorrow will meet up with Rasmus, back from his holidaying, and a few months’ it’s been since we last met so I’ll look forward to hear about his life, his trip, and his new job. And perchance schedule his assistance in regards to my home-rebuilding projects.


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