March 9th, 2015.

Always remember the good life is now. I may be setting projects aside for later years, yet with age I’m increasingly happy to do so, whence before I was just a bit sad that I had to, and not be able to react with immediate dedication to those possibly terrific ideas. But that’s just a natural reaction, isn’t it, when you focus more on the present than the future. I don’t feel much guilty towards myself anymore, I used to do that a lot. I don’t even have a great desire to rearrange my workplace towards said great ideas. A total surrender? I’d hate to think so, and furthermore don’t think it is so. I’m simply refocused, not rebranded. I just drove my daughter to school and my son to Kindergarten, and left both in a happy state of mind. As remain I, just this beat of my life. Don’t know if it’ll stay that way for either or all of us, today, tomorrow, but I know that I’ll take it, and run with it, now, because it feels alright and, for all I can tell, it’s what the good life is made of. And right now that works just fine for me.

V was out of the house, was in Copenhagen to see the ‘Dirty Dancing’ show with her girlfriend Anja, so had the house and kids to myself. Made it a movie-night, saw ‘Frozen’ with popcorn and giant pretzels to boot. And thus the weekend ended, a good one at that.


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