March 24th, 2015.

I don’t care much for the retoric of this country’s present leaders. “If you come to this land you must work”, says the new pre-election posters for the Social Democratic Party. It’s a blanket statement and it’s in the wide open, for all to see and feel stigmated by. Or for increasing the already increased divide. It concerns me because it’s merely a part of a greater European movement of division, from south to north.

I fear for the handful of years ahead. Russia, in particular, seems to be breaking down. What are we to make of the propaganda on both sides, but this; that when there’s a need for propaganda it means somewhere a conflict is brewing out of control. Powers that be will not easily be disuaded from letting go of it. Across Europe there’re conflicts of inequality rising. And for what – for fear of not having tomorrow what we have today. Ours is a fragile existance, so rooted in craving what our neighbors have and we not. Ridiculous, is what it is. I hope I’m utterly wrong in my pessimism. But I fear I may not be.

K’s birthday today. 11 years old. How time flies. V puts on a magnificient show. I believe she had a terrific day, we all did. Drove to Funen, what with V handling the most sensitive of birthday-cakes ever, oh, and the piece of junk car’s heater breaking down. But we made it, and, yea, a terrific day.


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