April 24th, 2015.

Been a while since last entry. Not at lot has happened, though. Or perhaps I’m not picking up on the right events. V went and did her first beauty-operation, a heat-treatment of the cholestherol-spots above and around her eyes, that had been bothering her for a spell. The treatment involved pressing a miniscule metal plate, heated to 500 degress celcius, into her skin at the offending places. And sure enough, the spots are gone, but it’s just a surface treatment, thus the spots kinda remain, only they’re a more anonymous color. Seems like a bogus treatment if you ask me, but they again, she doesn’t. She’s happy, I’m happy. She was so happy, in fact, that she brought K there, for a similar exercise on her foot-warts that have been bothering her for ages – the jury’s still out on whether it’s a succes or not, but of course I hope it so.

We took affirmative and decisive action on her Internet-comsumption – K’s, that is. And it of course did not go well, but it had to happen; she was foregoing her social life in favor of getting home and damn near locking herself in her room and glaring into YouTube and what not. It’s such an addictive thing, isn’t it, and the streaming characteristica of these services only adds to that. So we were looking at, what, 4-5 hours every day on the Internet. Not good at all, and so we inferred on her some ground rules – no www until after dinner, and then until 20 o’clock at the latest. I guess parenting won’t win you popularity contests.

Had Nicolas vaccined. The sting didn’t bother him much, but yesterday he stayed home from Kindergarten out of feeling uneasy, poor little thing. But it’s his 5-years one, so he won’t ever have to go back again. Well, at least not until the great outbreak of mad squirrel disease in 2048, or some such. Actually there’s a debate on-going, rooted in some rebel parents who refuse to have their kids vaccined in the traditional way, instead focused on seeking out other parents with similar interests, so as to have their children catch the diseases rather naturally. This, of course, risks lifes and well-being, and undermindes the entire vaccine-program that mankind’s medical evolution have succesfully seen overcome the horrible plagues of old – at incredibly little risk to all. I cannot comprehend these morons, whose fear and care for themselves clouds their judgement on behalf of the welfare of their own children. How much statistics, compiled across near two and a half centuries, can one simply disregard? Fuck-wits.

Work progresses on the new staircase, but of course never as much progress as I’d hope. But I find time for other things as well – tending a new kitchen-garden, for example. And next weekend I’ll take the kids to visit mum and dad, just them and I on the train – V’s taking that weekend off in preparation of the upcoming ‘holiday’ she and the kids and her parents are nearing. That should be fun for the whole family, not, sans yours truly. Anyways, that should buy me ample time to work more on the house, and lots of things still need doing. I’m valueing the experience, that will undoubtedly prove useful in some years down the road, where I plan to sell the house and re-boot our lives by way of refurbished shipping containers. Yup, you heard it here first. Not more on that later.


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