May 4th, 2015.

Had to call 112 yesterday, on account of Nicolas’ getting an allergic reaction to the laxative-medicine the doctor got for us. Having just visited Jutland for the weekend he’d held his shit back for 4 days and V – rightly – thought it best to administer one of the tubes. Allergic reaction followed. First time I ever did that – was very happy to learn of the response-rate; first paramedic arrived within 5 minutes, ambulance 5 minutes after that. So society works just fine – in Soroe at least – in that regard. The allergic reaction faded quickly, but they thought it best to take him to the hospital anyway, wherefore V and he drove off. I got myself and K there in time for the examination, which removed any remaining fears and doubts. Interesting end to the weekend – let’s not do that again. This issue of him not wanting to take a dump escelated rather quickly, I thought – just a week ago he ‘produced’ just fine. But I’ll agree with V that now that he’s had one bad experience, it’s stuck with him. So we’ll need to consider other options now, hope the doc can come up with something else. Should maybe call mum and hear what she thinks; believe I had some of those issues myself. But we only just got back from there. A long weekend, visiting them – it’s a bit of a bother to keep him, Nicolas, occupied and generally trying to tune him back some twenty percent from his usual – noisy, as boys are – self. But we went with dad to the local mini zoo, and later on to the playground, and that and a movie and his iPad secured some tranquility and fresh air as well. The combined ten hours by train went surprisingly fine, so now I know that as an option when – not if – the car breaks down.

Was good to see the folks again. Was not so good to call 112 on my kid. The shitting issue, we’ll work that out somehow. He won’t arrive to confirmation without having learned how to take a dump on his own. About the holiday in a week’s time, perhaps it’s best he stayed at home with yours truly – it’s one thing not wanting to go for the big number two when you’re in your own home, another to hold it back when you’re abroad. But let’s see what the doctor has to say about it all.


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