May 13th, 2015.

Burning through the hours whilst V and the kids are away. By her accounts, sent to me through the SMS protocol, they’re having a good time. Which of coures goes a long way towards yours truly savoring his ‘free’ time, if that’s a term. Today I cleaned out the basement, took hours on end but who’s to blame but myself, for accumulating stuff. I really hope V will like the new wash-room, it should go a long way towards alleviating her complaints of having to do the laundry in a ‘dark champer’.

Dennis dropped by in the evening, picked him up by the train station and we went for a ‘plankebøf’ in the Arcade, like we did those years ago. They still serve it on a heated wooden plank, it’s the best. Back and watched a movie, ‘the Imitation Game’, which unfortunately wasn’t terribly good. She’s hanging on until tomorrow, which is great because I’ll need a hand with the old washing machine, i.e. getting rid of it. It’s great to see him again, truly.


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