May 19th, 2015.

Got the family back from Turkey. Was glad to learn that V didn’t had to run after Nicolas all the while they were there. So it really does get easier to travel with him, apparently. Great to hear. Must remember to transfer their holiday pictures. They had a fine trip, despite some small delays here and there. Well, fine enough that she wants to go back there next year. And I was glad for having had that week almost to myself. Got lots done – the stairs, a new wash-room – but now that I’m looking around it doesn’t seem like much, even though I hardly stood still! But that’s the nature of having a house, I guess. I did appreciate having Dennis’ over, always great to talk with and we had a few beers and movies, that was really the highlight of the week. Rasmus, less so – he came late, slept in, departed early. Not that I minded much – I’m afraid it’s a case of learning that we’re not tremendously compatible anymore. It seemed easier when he was with his girlfriend, but that’s some many years ago, now. I used to be so envious of him, of his great success with the ladies and his easy-going manner, he never had a care in the world. But now the tables have turned and he’s shy of a girl for some years, and he’s working brutal hours and he’s gained twenty pounds, I’m not so jaloux anymore – rather, in fact, savoring the hard work I put in, family-wise, that’s paying off these years. I may not have had a hundred different women in my life, nor the time as he available to me, but where did it leave us? I’m happy with the woman I’ve got, and all that time would’ve just been stuffing my head with quantity, not quality.

It’s nice, this part of the year. The green comes out, and the fields are all yellow and pale golden colors. Still a bit cold, though. But that’ll wear off. V promptly caught a helluva flu, I had to hurry back from work to take care of the kids. Said she was alright this morning, hope she sticks by it. Time for N to go back to Kindergarten, has been two and a half weeks since the distress-call. But things are going better and he shits regularly, and doesn’t seems scared by it despite the scare he – we – had. Set many wheels in motion; tomorrow we’ll even, V and I, be at some joint therapy session, evaluating his home conditions(!). It’s great the way V’s handled this, I would’ve been too relaxed about it.

Hard to believe half the year is already gone – only just a month away. Soon the Summer will really descend upon us. Should be interesting to compare to last year’s, where I still had to tend to the youngest one quite a bit.


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