June 16th, 2015.

Damn hayfever is acting up again, and it’ll only get worse from here. Sucks. But in three weeks’ time it’ll be over.

Went car-shopping in Ringsted – fun for the whole family. Since dad very generously offered to finance half of the purchase, we’ve been circulating around which kind of mini-car we’d like, and so we took a Hyundai i10 out for a testdrive. And it runs very well indeed. And it’s to be had with cruise-control for just 5k extra, which brings it to 88k total. And I’m sure V will like it, especially if I spring for winter-tires. It just makes sense – the Opel will not last us throughout the winter, so financially we’d likely spend more trying to keep that together. It just doesn’t make sense to keep breathing life into it. Really great of mum and dad to spend their money like this; supporting their kids and grand-kids, cudos.

Read ‘The Cukkoo’s next’, old hacker-story of the late eighties. Exiting read, had wanted to read it in one go. So I’m reading now, which is great, and tomorrow I’ll begin to look into that old hobby, electronics, again.

Nico’s knee is better, thank God. That trampoline-hishap, that I feel responsible for, was thankfully nothing but a swollen knee and three days it took for him to be up and about again. Now I’ll tone it down a notch, when we wrestle on that damn thing, just like I did when I did the exact same thing to K. He gets so carried away and it’s hard to keep track, and then his sister joins in and something like this happens, and it’s just not worth the risk. So from here on, no more than 2 on at the same time.

Took K to the Glyptoteket, just a short trip but the train was free of charge on my commute-card and the exhibition was just a hundred crowns. And we went to the Dunkin’ Donuts at the main terminal, first time for me. And probably last. Fine little trip, will try and get some more of those in, before she gets to her twelvth year of age.

Next up is V’s birthday, on Saturday. Have yet to get the the last presents. That’s 42 for her.

For the record, my car-ownership thus far: A Nissan Sunny (awesome! but rusty as hell), a Ford Fiesta (bollox), a Skoda Favorit (expensive bollox), and the Opel Astra (great one, but expensive in the end).


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