June 27th, 2015.

Ahh – June. Hayfever hell. Donning pills like one addicted, and they’re thankfully still effective – in toning down the hayfever specifically & yours truly generally. Also I’m still nursing that cold, and would just like to sleep and do nothing for a day or two, thank you very much. Retirement, I can hardly wait to hold you in my arms.

Got the new car, handles like a dream and, well, actually it is a freaking dream come true, having purchased – with an extremely generous donation from the parents – my own car. First exception to that century old rule with this household, to buy only shitty used cars. Well, ok, the Opel Astra was a fine one, and now I’ll look into selling it for as much I it can muster. But, again, such a pleasure to own a brand-spanking new automobile. Got the sense to have it coated to protect it against rust, Denmark’s a bitch towards cars. This one we will be happy with for years to come.

Did the taxes, two days until final notice and it just had to be done. Cost me five thousand crowns, certainly not as bad as I’d thought, I’ll be happy to take that kind of hit. Glad to tick that box. Next year’ll be easier, now that I don’t run a company anymore.

V’s down, and it shows, because her publisher hasn’t called her back to let her know if they’ll tackle her manuscript or not. And she doesn’t like to phone them up, but I’m letting her know she damn well have to, it’s utter ridiculous she’s afraid to do that. That’s the low self-esteem shining talking, just holding her back… I hope my kids never get that, it seems like such a disability, even compares, methinks, with the loss of an arm or a leg. I hope she finds a way to elicit a response, but should perhaps be careful what I wish for – if the response is not what she would like, i.e. Already now she speaks of missing a sense of belonging, and I’m not liking where it’s going, last time she went down into a hole and it took a lot of effort and public service money to get her out… Hope it won’t be a bumpy ride.


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