July 4th, 2015.

Great little mini-holiday, by way of V and the kids being on Funen for the medieval festival there. So they had a great time, and I had a great time, too. Brought out the ‘ole electronics stuff and messed about with a new micro-controller, and that was just terrific fun, has been so long since I got the chance to do that. And there was a bit of F1 going on, and I got sorted a few emails out, and got a few things set for sale on the net. In the evening set to work on the bathroom, tearing the walls down in preparation for the upcoming ‘new bathroom’-project, but then V called and told me to quit while I was ahead, so instead I saw a movie on Netflix, ‘Event Horizon’, which was crap, unfortunately. But they can’t all be good, can they, and despite that I found the time to write this entry.

I’m thinking my retirement years – knock on wood – will be like this. At least that’s what I hope. Well, okay, so it’s another thirty years from now, screw that, I can deal. Poor greeks, voting tomorrow to have their say but ultimately they’ll fail in saving their country’s sordid finances. Back to square one for them, back to being self-reliant, if possible. I always thought I’d really, really like to quit working at 50 – they’ve actually been doing just that. Hope it works out for them in the end, but until then it’s just up-hill, all the way. As it should, now they’ve had their down-hill for years and years.


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