July 21st, 2015.

Sent V and the kids off to visit the German connection, i.e. K’s friend Joy and her family. Alas V called in a desperate plea later in the day, as when they arrived at their hotel they’d been ‘greeted’ by the worst customer experience of her recent memory. So had to call around & got them relocated, thankfully. They’ll be there until Friday.

Finished ‘How to create a mind’, by Ray Kurtzweil. A very inspiring book on Artificial Intelligence, a ‘where are we now’ and ‘where will be be’ book. Don’t know what supplements that man’s doing to be able to predict the future with such precision, but know I’ll have to get me some. His Law of Accelerated Returns is more than sombering, as he goes on to predict further on our capabilities in the next thirty years and beyond. If even half of what he believes will come into being, then there every reason to take good care of this body so I’ll be around to take it in, in due time. The subject matter is dense: how we will go on to create an artificiel intelligence to enhance our own. I think I may have come across this book in good time, as I struggle of late with how to best use my time. The possibilities abound but I cannot get a grasp on them. Mentioned it to V, she believes I may be holding back my creative insticts. Maybe she’s right. I’m all over the place; I used to believe having 48 hours in a day would see me happy, but I’m not so sure now. I might be confused about having said more time at my disposal, though it’s probably less than I think and perhaps beyond this holiday I’ll backtrack. I do know that I’d like to be more creative, but not in artistical terms, rather technological. I have a desire to influence others; I wish to ‘be there’ for others than my family, why? Because I spend so much time with and for them, that I seek recognition elsewhere? Forget the why’s and when’s, focus on the how’s; my current job might be a worthy task – he (Kurtzweil) mentions democracy as a worthy use of our intelligence increase, I can very clearly see the potential for influencing the political climate towards a more ‘direct democracy’, for lack of a better word. Implementing, for example, vote-at-home solutions for controversial bills.

I have no doubt I’ll in due time come across a good fit for the aforementioned time-increase. For now – particularly throughout the next few days – I’ll focus on V’s other piece of advice – ‘have fun’. Includes playing computer games, which I haven’t done in ages, and reading some more, that Kurtzweil really got me going again, thanks Ray.


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