July 23rd, 2015.

Quiet day. Good day, too. Did some work on the bathroom, or, rather, tearing down the old one. It’s a decent challenge, I enjoy it. Particularly enjoy just taking my time about it. Tearing down a panel, bringing it outside, going back in and looking over where it was and wondering how to do the next one so as not do structural damage… Enjoyable.

Saw ‘American Hustle’. Another film I may forget, but at least I’m writing down that I saw it. Good one, too. I always enjoyed these caper movies. Still high on Ray Kurzweil, I remain, hence the ‘writing down’ remark. I do wonder, if all of the entries of this diary were to be fed into an artificial intelligence, would I be re-createable? The idea of living forever, well… I’m sorry to say V and I are the generation down from when it will happen. Not that we’ll be sorry, I think – now. Later on, when I’m on my deathbed, I’ll likely be of a different opinion. Why is more of the same so addictive to us all? How does it make us feel alive? That other film ‘In Time’ comes to mind. I’ll be reading lots more on the consciousness, particularly one book called ‘Society of the mind’ by Marvin Minsky, looks promising. Damn it’s good to be reading again.

I’m looking at an older I in the mirror. Some wrinkled asshole glares back. Grey hair emerges. I guess I could look to my old man to see for myself how I’m gonna turn out. Glanced over some old Malmo pictures this other day, found a 12 years younger V, too. How we’ve changed. So much have happened, it’s damn near only through these pages I keep track. But it’s been good. Well, most of it has. Getting older… According to Ray in a decade or two we’ll have nano-tech invading our bodies to deal with age somewhat differently than today. V’s being nice to me: claims I look better with age. So I’ll deal with the wrinkles, won’t I. And hedge my bets with ecological foods and proper rest. So to bed now.


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