July 23rd, 2015.

Very ecological day – finished out the most of the remainding foods in the fridge, always try my best at clearing out the remains when I’m home alone. So made an excellent dish out of mostly ecological stuff that’s too expensive to just throw out. That’s the thing about this eco-trip of ours, it’s hellishly expensive – insert sad smiley here. But with the amount of crap that’s in our foods these days, I’m inclined to roll with the financial punches on this one. Here’s to hoping my body will some day thank me.

Still very inspired by that Ray Kurzweil book. As I was walking the dog I even pondered getting one of those chest-cameras, that snaps a picture every five seconds. So I’ll have something to feed into my AI-assisted self, years from now. It’s ludacris, of course… But it’s product and it’s here, now, and some are buying (into) it. And well, it’s not such a crazy thought as would seem just a decade ago. Given the amount of stuff I’ve forgotten in my time, I’m inclined to he happy that we’ve shot so many pictures of the kids, especially. Because it goes away, doesn’t it, and those precious moments tend to be overwritten. It’s a sad thing – isn’t it? They are/were grand memories, but we can’t conjure them up willingly – we have to support ourselves with digital shapshots or just try and re-create a passing moment in time with only our imagination and a vague sense of that time in space(time). All those movies and pieces of music – half-way gone, half-way here, clouded or distorted and neither here nor there. I spent a brief while watching old Commodore Amiga demos on YouTube – trawling the music and artwork and structure of those programs back from distant, distant memories. And it worked alright for those I saw, but ’twas assisted memories – the YouTube links collection found them for me, I couldn’t have come up with that many on my own.

And I guess that’s the way it should be or even just the only way it is. Time fades, so do the recollections, and anyways there’s a present time to attend to and in my case it involves a nearing family-holiday in Jutland, so here’re the next set of memories to be stored and later forgotten. I will be better at taking pictures. After all, what truly distinguishes us as a species are our tools, of which includes storing knowledge – digital imagery is an outstanding fashion of going about that, in my humble opinion. I wonder how much mum and dad recalls. If even they try to, I’m not so sure. Which begs the question, why do I consider it so important? ‘Insecurity’ is one answer. These days or even years feel very much the same to me of late, wherefore I believe I may be over-compensating in trying to restore past days of somewhat carefree time, with time for interesting projects and such. There’s time ahead for more of that, though not for a year and perhaps a year and a half. But then… Oh, the stuff I could turn myself towards. Good times ahead.

Spent some three hours trying to fit a set of roof racks to the new Hyundai. Difficult to follow instructions, but in the end it worked out – hope the shit doesn’t fall out whilst speeding down the highway. Will be needed for when we go on that family holiday next week. V and the kids are still out of town so thankfully was able to work uninterrupted or towards a deadline. In the evening saw ‘Birdman’, which was terrific – had wanted to see that for a long time. Thor thought so, too, called him up to hear how he was faring. Still hasn’t found a place to live, so he’s apparently arranged with his long-time girlfriend that he’s moving in with her, September 1st. Good for him, a long overdue move if I may say so. Good to hear he’s doing great.


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